What is the cost of wisdom teeth removal?

Cost of wisdom teeth

At Johnson Oral Facial Surgery, we often get calls asking, "How much do you charge for wisdom teeth?".  This question is difficult to answer over the phone and here is why:

1. Wisdom teeth are categorized by their position within the jaw.  This often correlates with increasing the degree of complexity and time it takes for removal.  These are universal codes and all insurance agencies use these standard definitions for reimbursements.

The different levels of impaction are: Fully bony impacted, Partial Bony Impacted, Soft Tissue Impacted, Surgical, and Unusually Difficult Impacted.  

2. Insurance policies provide varying levels of coverage based on what type of policy or company you utilize.  Our patient and insurance coordinators will file your insurance on your behalf.  Sometimes insurance companies require a pre-determination before guaranteeing coverage.  In that instance we can provide an estimate based on your insurance provide on how much you would owe.  

3.  Costs vary by location.  Depending on cost of living and insurance reimbursements, costs vary from state to state.  Typically Texas has relatively lower cost of living and better insurance reimbursements which help the patient's fee be more reasonable.

4. Other variables include whether or not we need to take an xray or other materials that are needed for the procedure (Like anesthesia, etc). 

5.  The biggest myth is that specialists or oral surgeons are more expensive than general dentists.  In fact, often the opposite is true.  Board certified Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons are the specialist for wisdom teeth removal. They have extensive training and have more experience at removing wisdom teeth.  They are competively priced and their office is set up in a way to optimize pricing and insurance reimbursement.   We strongly recommend for the safety of your child you use a board certified oral and maxillofacial surgeon for this procedure.  You would not want your pediatrician taking out your kids tonsils. 

Hope this blog helps clarify any questions.  Feel free to call our office at 214-206-4646 to schedule your wisdom teeth removal.