Our Digital Implant Process

Our Digital Workflow for Dental Implant

Dental implants must be both esthetic and functional. At Johnson Oral Facial Surgery, we rely on the predictability of our technology coupled with Dr. Johnson's experience of performing 1000's of dental implants. We start with a comprehensive exam and utilize our in office cone beam CT scanner to evaluate the area of concern. We merge these files with our digital 3d scanner that creates a digital impression of the mouth and soft tissue. After these files are overlaid, we plan your implant case using specific implant planning software to precisely map out the desired location of implant placement. Next, we create a guide that is then printed in our surgical grade 3d printer. This patient specific guide will then be used in your procedure to allow us to place the implant or implants in the exact location determined from your planning session. This eliminates unnecessary surprises and allows us to reverse engineer the placement of the implant with emphasis of the final esthetics and position of the tooth. This process also allows us to more efficiently discuss your case with your restoring dentist or prosthodontist.IMPLANT-FLOW-CHART-2